Every night before bed time
My father sang a song that told of his land
When he fled the famine and arrived
Here in South Dakota, the wild far west

He was young, alone in this world
For two years the harvest went wrong
Winter was knocking angry at the door,
But he did not answered and sailed far away.

And when the night is crawling dark
You feel you're going to fall apart
Just close your eyes and don't forget
This song I'm singing in your bed
Don't be afraid, don't lose control now
My voice will guide you through
No matter what tomorrow bring ya
Their eyes are upon you

He has always loved his freedom
The herdsman life was made for him
He has been charmed by the eyes of a doe
And his days of wandering came to an end.

Then he opened the barber downtown
Evenings spent here at the saloon
Whistling this song while coming home
Suddenly in the dark he disappeared

And when the night is crawling dark