Read my mind, I can't control these feelings.
You are no exception - I'm here for killing you.
Like a pawn I'm being moved to my destruction.
Nothing can stop me.

I've got the riffle pointing to you forehead and I pull the trigger, helpless.
The panic in your eyes are ignored by my mind.
I can't understand what I have done.

Weap again.
I promised you, to meet with the visitors.
I'll take you to The Others.
The Others will come.
The Others will come.

The demons - The Others.
They are your - Your masters.
You're enslaved with - With the others.
You're bound to - To the hatred.

Your're cold you find it hard to breathe.
Your pulse is getting weaker for each and every second.
You are insecure and afraid to die.
Die now...