Eden Burned I Watched In Anger
Crimson Rains Swept Truth Away
The Janus Tribe Bask In Glory
Such Weak Vision Still Held Sway
Crave Offspring Rape The Memory
A Dance Macabre Upon The Grave
Usurpers To A Throne of Shadows
Puppet Masters Are Mere Slaves

An Embryo of One Last Hope
The Golden Era of One Last Dream
Their Rightious Passion, A Burning Fear
We Die As Brothers And Ride With Tyr

Honour Drank As Finest Wines
Banquet Upon The Spirit
Nefarious They Feast In Fury
In Honour of An Empires Fall
Smite With Malice Falsehoods Bane
Keep Vigil Over My Tempered Sword
Amaranthine Crescendo of Virulence
Ebony Veiled, The Masque of War