As a hungry wolf with an old man's teeth 
I run freezing cold in caves forever 
Crushing the sun, the daylight and all time 
When the weather is clear 
I live in night and darkness 
That's why I'm still here 
Iceland was my home with seals in the fjords 
My winter's only thought is 
Fleeing from the hordes 
They may come anytime to kill me like a dog Always on guard, I pray for another day of fog 

As the outlaw I am I shout at the mighty Thor Greatest God of thunder I can't take it anymore Take me home where smoke rises from the halls Make me welcome again within the Chieftan's walls 

Drown his treacherous wife the adulterous queen Who told the king what a rapist I had been 
She lied she was wrong, she asked me to seduce her 
In her game of sex I was bound to be the loser She harmed her husband's skald 
Caused the poet's disgrace 
Outlawed at Althingi 
I can never show my face at Reykjanes again 
Lest I want to endure all the evils 
She accused me of doing to her 
More bone than man I hail the Gods of the north Avenge my injustices I beg you to come forth Misfortune loves both fool and wise 
For seven winters I have strayed the land of ice A master of the word and a man of the sword 
Of tongue and steel 
Many times I proved to be Lord 
Gods of the north I beg you come forth 
More bone than man, Odin I hail you 
As a slave on the run I must stay out of sight Our father make my destiny right 
That in none of the worlds whose number is nine Another innocent must suffer a fate like mine