Remember man, '92, me, Dre, Tha Pound, Rage, it was just all about, you know what I'm sayin', Death Row
As time went by, you know, niggas start having money, success, bitches, weed, cars, homes, you know what I'm sayin', the flyest shit
Along with that comes jealousy, envy, destruction, and along those lines run life and death
You know, so a few years went by, a couple albums, success, out of the blue sky Dre departs, he leaves us
Death Row, will we sink or will we stay afloat?
Later on that year, I lose my nigga Pac, damn, it's a cold world
Guess it's all on me, Death Row for life
Gotsta handle my business...on the usual

Oh but what will you say
If I never set foot in your door again
What will you say to your friends then
Will you tell them
Who has the last laugh now