One lil, two lil, three lil G's
Hangin' on the dope spot slangin' they keys
Four lil, five lil, six lil cops
Leanin' in the cut, 'bout to get popped
Not, knowin' I'm scopin' on the roof
I got my red beam, better have ya bulletproof
Cause the light don't miss once I put it to ya dome
They got my homies jacked, now they reachin' for they chrome
Al Capone was a hero of mine
I've shot plenty niggas and cops, so fuck one time
Where they at? where they at? Oh, they in the back
So I gotsta take my time and make sure that my nine
Get him, got him, spot him, shoot him, he's shot
And now they call me Snoop Gotti
I'm like a fugitive, Harrison Ford
Slidin' in the Chevy now the shit's gettin' heavy
But you know I can't choke so I call my nigga Loc
Gotta find the hideaway and a big bag of smoke
Can't be fuckin' wit' my niggas while they makin' they dope
Cause if ya slippin', ya fallin' asleep on Death Row

Now some muthafucka done snitched on me
And the judge just sentenced me to do about a century
I'm mobbin' through the county main line
Back in 9500, just tryna handle mines
Spittin' game at my homies about the good ol' days
As we try to pass time, waitin' for the chains
To Chino, I see no reason to cry
When a nigga's still alive, right?
Five o'clock wake up, call roll, call Doggy Dogg
Be at the chow hall from there I roam the yard
Still representin' to the fullest, so you know what time it is
I shank a nigga in a minute, abiding rules of the pen
I adapt quick, don't take shit from no nigga
Hittin' pushups by the g's to get bigger
Eight months, I'm on swole, my mind's clearer
Everyday of my life I take a glimpse in the mirror
And guess what the fuck I'm startin' to see
I still regulate sleepin' in the penitentiary