By any means necessary, it's about to get scary
Call all your friends, tell em come in a hurry
Word on the street, is these niggaz got plex
So y'all wait and see, how many niggaz I wreck
They gon respect the Boss, of demand
Just another win for me, and a loss on they hands
Understand, you boys ain't on my level
Rock for rock ass niggaz, I'm a Boss Hogg rebel
Want drama bring it on, I need the subject
When it comes to this beef shit, Slim Thug love it
I'm bout to get in wreck mode, and let my mouth explode
Break down one nigga, take a break and reload
All these down low haters, need to speak they mind
First nigga out of line, I'ma tweak they shine
The world is mine, you just a punk in it
Everything I rap about, I represent it
It's been a whole lot of tension, over here in the game
I'm just waiting on a few mo', to mention my name
I'ma let the truth ring, I'm ready for war
We bout to find out, who the real Northstar
Any nigga don't like me, better let it be known
I got my game face on, protecting my throne
Nope this ain't no Big Pic, but I'm agg'd and pissed
Remember this, talk down at your own risk nigga