Yeah, Slim Thugger, the Boss
It's official baby, niggaz hating, now-or-later ass niggaz
Get your money right, ha, listen

Nigga show me ten G's, and I'll show you a hundred
All that shit you niggaz dream about, I've been there and done it
Underground rap I run it, ask the stores you sell to
Ask they owner, who they gotta give most of they mail to
It's either me, Watts or Color Change running the game
Not no Still in the Game, or bullshit Street Fame
It's simple and plain, me and my boys get big change
Even though they hating on my name, I get big thangs
Talking bout you riding swangs, on what car my nigga
You can't afford a Northstar, by far my nigga
And Big Pic, you thought that bullshit like you big balling
But before you started bootlegging, what was you crawling
That oughta make you feel weak, when your shit don't sell
You gotta bootleg me and Watts, just to get you some mail
And A.D., please tell me what the fuck was you thinking
Shooting slugs at the Boss, what the fuck was you drinking
You trash nigga, and everybody know it
You got a motherfucking Cougar, that right there is to show it
Niggaz see Jay-Z and Nas, and start feeling they self
Talking down on the Boss, is like killing yourself
You lost your wealth, you should of kept your mouth closed
Northstar, Big Balling and Stomp Down some hoes
And it shows, you only hating on me cause I made it
You can't get pre-orders, my album's anticipated
And every nigga I spoke on, in all these songs
I just put money in your pockets, so just leave it alone
Think about it, everytime y'all make me do these c.d.'s
I'm headed back to the bank, to pick up a hundred G's
Lil' Yo, ask your sister how much cash I stack
Everytime I hit the bank, she gotta go to the back
And pick up mo' big faces, Bridgett you cool with me
I just gotta wreck your brother, for being cruel to me
You say I hurt his feelings, and I left him alone
I got news, your little brother tried to do Slim wrong
See how God works, the real niggaz succeed
Why you haters make drank and weed, remember one thing
Feel me

The truth hurt, don't it Lil' Yo
Shouldn't of fucked with me, punk ass boy
Ha, Lil' Mario fuck you, Big Pic fuck you
Northstar and Big Ballin fuck you, ha