Fuck them other niggas, cause I'm down with my niggas
I ride solo, with my finger on the trigga
First nigga act up, and try to buck with us
We gon hit em up, with them hundred round spitters
I bar no nigga, if you small or tall
Any height weight or shape, I can make you fall
You niggas ain't got, what it take to ball
If I wanna see you gone, I'll just make the call
You made a big mistake, when you fucked with me
You bitch made niggas, can't fuck with me
I got niggas, that'll fuck you up for free
They'll have you in the middle of the woods, stuck to a tree
Now get out of line, if you want to Yo
I swear to God nigga, if I go you'll go
That's fa sho damn right, I dissed you nigga
Don't make your mama and your sister, have to miss you nigga
I'd give up everything I got, just to get you gone
I got niggas in Acres Home, that'll split your dome
Fuck with me, I promise it won't take too long
You'll have a hole in your head, before you make it home, nigga