I know I keep on
Talking 'bout your love
When I'm with you
Everything's beautiful
It's all about you
Whatever you wanna do
I'm so happy
I'm with you
Don't see any problems with you
Those things that we could do
Girl you know
I love you

You make it oooh (oooh)
Feel so good
Make me wanna get up early on a sunday morning
All your love

Come on baby
Bring it here girl
I'ma do you round the pool
Are you ready
For this love I'ma put on you, I'ma put on you
(Oooh) I'ma hit it I'ma hit it some more
till the cops come back and gone hit the door
girl you know, I'm yours

Oooh, oooh
That feels so good baby, uh
Oooh oooh
You so good you make me wanna testify girl
Oooh oooh (Yeah)
It's a Sunday morning here I come baby
Oooh oooh
You wonder why I stare at you all the time baby?
Oooh oooh
Cuz God has really blessed me to be with you
Oooh oooh
So I promise, to love you, to cherish you, to give you the world baby

Oooh oooh
Sunday morning, all your love
Oooh oooh
Sunday morning...