White Warrior:
You and I are able to walk through that fire.
You and I are so brave to talk with our God.
There is no time to wait for another solution.
The Devil is coming from Hell and his bombs
will explode.
I'm alive but my heart is going to stop itself.
There is no life without
the pure light of our soul.
Floating on the arms of some Angels we are
approaching to God.
The wings of these creatures are embrace our
body so strong.

Knocking on the Doors of the Blue Heaven...
We will find a Devil instead of God: I'm alone,
so alone, why?

After a trip just to protect our world we
discover a Devil reborn.
Satan is an Angel, Lucifer is God. We are really
left all alone!
There is no more grace, there is no sacrifice,
there is no pleasure,
there is no more love.
Princess come back: we are needing your help...
If you can understand who is God!
Could you please understand who is God?

You and I are won by this Terrible Power that
inside changed the Mission of God.
We don't believe anymore in a Holy Solution.
The trace of Satan is rising,
is getting New York.

The Divine Gladiators:
Who is God?
Who is God?
Who is God?
Who is God?

White Warrior:
It's just a desire so...
Please come next to me!
A phantom of darkness.
But I'll carry on!