Flying high in a chariot of fire
The hand of zeus guides my way
Looking down upon the lakes upon the earth
The fires bright, scorching flames

Long before we fought
The battle of armageddon
People died for their beliefs
Mounds of ruins for lakes of fire
Upon the ground
Armed to fight the mighty beast

Follow me into oblivion
I will guide you, you will see
The mighty hand that guides you
Through the sky
Now you know the beast must die

Hand of zeus
Hand of zeus will guide you
Hand of zeus
Waits to strike down with his hand

Fire burning bright, see the flames soaring high
You run but now must fight
There's no chance to turn back now
Your destiny has come
To grasp the hand of zeus to guide your way

His chariot awaits
You're the chosen one for the gods to climb
Climb towards the sky
Rise, rise upward take the flight
Armed to fight, a dagger in your spine
Bleed, bleed for the gods

Seek and you shall find your way
Chariot in flight
Look behind yourself to find
There's no turning back
Agony awaits the beast
And then you strip him from his pride
Victory is destiny
Unleash the almighty one tonight

Never fear, the agony awaits him
See the fire burning in his eyes
Never turn your back from the shame now
The hand of zues will rise