Within Passions [Of the?] Sounds 
No sinking 
All shes ever said 
Force of evil heart 
???the real 
Lie, lying, lying there is evil brain 
All she ever said 
Not leaving 
All she ever said 
Nothing matters 
Nothing matters 
Wishful thinking 
Parasitic junkie 
Wraps the noose 
Cries the blues 
To whoever looks and listens 
To a bunch pass spaces turned away 
No word shall shake my faith 
Dead poet with the head that rots in the grave 
???leave me alone 
Towards the sky 
Pushes hand up through the earth 
Reaching high 
Dead poet 
Said once 
Once was enough 
Time to lie 
Time to die 
Reaching up towards the sky 
As she says once again 
Turning me alone 
So I left it alone 
Leave me alone 
Leave me alone 
[she sits?] 
???down the stairs 
She walks up the stairs 
Towards the door 
So there 
All alone