Twilight last gleeming  
Mercury with no degree  
Bloody lies the black sun  
Eyes of god  
Skies the limit  
Proceeding in this darkness way crawl in back at the end of your halo  
You're bloody righteous  
Declare the light wounding forever judgement of his righteousness  
Said man in a plane  
Falling back again  
Over a chair  
Chair backwards falling down  
Knives in the eyes  
Maggots fill the brain  
Falling chair  
Falling on the plane away  
Rain, rain, atomic grin on the floor  
In a pool of blood on lifeless grin  
Back to the bedroom with a grin  
Where the master remarks down the phantoms  
Living out the miseries  
Its hard to fathom what dead man will go  
Its hard to fathom hard for game I'm gone  
God gave maggots  
God give maggots  
God gave maggot  
Eye socket in the face neverless and back again  
Open wound inasmuch over silence backwash  
God gives maggots  
God gives maggots  
Inside a away  
Back to the cave  
Description bottle way temples museum  
Ghostly remain never rule gain  
Never winning consolation of life  
Brides work  
Brides work and stay young  
Compass is the easy road  
To destroy magic creation  
Come back to living  
Must god give us maggots  
God gives maggot  
Confess maggot  
My friend maggot  
Life built maggot