"I got something that I gotta say...truth...jesus...fuck all them motherfuckers"
"What? Shut up!"
Brak talk

You know the brak talk
brak talk
You know that brak talk

Simple constitution
the resolution

You raped us all
??? of the lies
say something
(say something)

Original no tears
??? back again

Speaking dig it dig it dig it for ya
Brak talk

You know that brak talk
brak talk
Give me that beer
???steam a breakthrough

???creeping slop
???you sit down

Of progress, of progress, progress

Say something ???
Brak talk

it was that brak talk
"maybe the lord almighty of the underworld"
??? almightier than the word
cross the line
Stick 24 brak head
half-life half-life
say something that's useful
say something

??? forever
??? paper

like a sonic boom