Visions of death
My skin ripped to shreds
You're a curse with crosses to bear
Within the vacuum, suffocated world

Victims fall trapped
To a funeral curse
Desolate, walk aimlessly
I've read the book of lies with no conclusion
Confinement, bereaved offer hope
That someday we'll be free

Funeral Curse
With the procession, enter through
The light ahead, a black hole behind
Faith gives you hope, there's something beyond
You will fall to this funeral curse
Funeral Curse

The light will just blind you, as you creep closer
Deception ahead, despair behind
A hammer to hell, shatter the earth
March forth to your funeral curse

Impaled, decayed various states of decomposition
Headless, skinned
Drive the final nail, casket aflame
This has been painful, last words