Mammoth bitch holds Gyney down
Forces him to perform cunnilingus on her snizz
Quivering clitoris open gash, like a roast beef sandwich, tongue probing
Force finger fucking her ecstacy makes him queasy,
She used no masengil or summers eve
Her pussy spews cottage cheese no vagisil for the yeast,
Gonorrhea or herpes
If he makes in out alive gynelotramin he'll proscribe.
He wants to stop but she grinds his face into her diseased box
He barfs all over her crab filled crotch
The warm puke turns her on
Puss cums, piss squirts, lumpy jizz, rotten fish
Climactic quake from the raunchy beaver
The flapping beef creates a breeze
Catch a wiff of the toxic emission it hits him
She sputters and splatters the juice in his face
Her slice is rotten, his mouth is frothing
Contagious STD's contracted orally
The cooter sandwich malignancy, the gaping chasm is made of beef
Senses evaporated, taste buds annihilated he is cuntaminated.