Oh, the sailor on the Seas of Fate
The weird of the White Wolf
He's Elric the Emperor of Meliboné
His fate, a dreamful curse
Born a weak albino, he wears his dragon helm
A servant to Lord Arioch, the highest Duke of Hell
He's Elric of Meliboné, the fallen empire
There he waits in darkness on his ruby throne

He is Elric, The Dragon Prince
The Eternal Champion
He is Elric, The Dragon Prince
The Dragonlord of destruction

On the edge of extinction his empire lives on
But hand of after is reaching, soon it will be undone
Cymoril ha been taken, his one and only love
By her foul souled brother Lord Yyrkoon

"You alone are fit to serve Arioch.
I shall did you, Elric. I shall become your patron. I shall protect you and give you strength and the source of strength, through master I be and slave you be."