Where the big boys meet on the Vegas Strip
With the SDI as the gun at his hip
Theres a gleam in his eye as he shakes her hand
and he leaves you
Then his sellin plans are to walk away and deceive you
Shes a shell shocked baby in the cradle of time
Were just a walk soft army on a human land mine
Ive walked a million miles far beyond the stars of your future
Ive walked a million miles far beyond the hope of your future
Now everytown where man
Was it part of your plan
Turn this city to sand
With a one way ticket to the promise land
Atomic Playboys
We are Radiation Romeo's
You built this body
But cant take away my soul no
Atomic Playboys
You stole the sky then you watched the world explode Romeo
Well its one wrong move and two worlds collide
With this touch and go game of suicide
Im a atom brained man with a heart of gold
And ill heat you up when your body gets cold