Since the turn of time man has fought a thousand wars
Acclamations welcome the outbreaks
Cries attendings death's handshakes
Shouldn't we have learned from history?
This to me is just a myster
Will storms of steel gathering again
Or are there changes to prevent?
Is there no chance to prevent; No chance?
And some forget to say that human mind has got the ability to take a different way
Natural occurence or fall of man?
Maybe the revenge of a god called Pan
Must storms of steel gathering again?
Is there no chance to prevent?
Thunderclouds deflower the innocent sky
It starts blowing great guns
"Natural Phenomenon" calling the warrior sons
Regulation of overpopulation
I'd like to nature
The only nature man can't control
When fights start: man again loses body and soul
Don't say it's evolution
We won't get absolution
Man control your mind
Thunderclouds won't blacken the blue sky