Names of places
Never heard about
Number dimensions
Naughts you've to count
No currency
No unit of weight
A special unit back everyday
5 million maybe 10
Come juggle with the numbers again
They won't get red
That's the way it works I guess
The more the less
And if it's still too hard
Add a naught
This will make it easier-easier?
While the decimal point moves to the right
My conscience is getting clear
Anonymous you are
The high subtrahend
Abstract number-concrete wonder
You get to know the protection effect and realize that
Abstract numbers ultrahigh
The reason why
We can be eye to eye
Add a naught
Mind support
You'll see it's easier-easier?
If the five is an eight
It won't burden my mind
And history won't change
Anonymous you are
The high subtrahend
Abstract number - concrete wonder