it strikes me as odd, the way that i'll die
aware of my own limitations
they all seem like blessings that draw me to you
grip loosened on all my frustrations
lined up in a cell, feet torn and shackled
breathing into a black sack
i'm realizing now that i'm not afraid
i know that there's no turning back

and on the horizon there is a new kingdom
springing up from a fracture in this one
spilling out over the mess that we've made and making its way to everyone

and all our enemies and all our friends, the slaves, the masters, the rebels
may they all find their way into your arms
may we finally share your peace when we get there
when we get there

love is a price we simply must pay
having finally seen your face
burns hard inside this heart turned to flesh
all of our missteps erased
there's rain that washes the shadows away
outside the cement fades to black
your presence is truly among us today
we've seen who you are and we aren't turning back

you were born in a prison that has fallen down around you
you were rescued out of the heap
you will not die in the prison where you were born
each promise that he makes is a promise that he keeps
though we go your kingdom comes
Jesus don't delay
Jesus don't delay
erase the darkness once and for all
Lord hasten the day
Lord hasten the day

now we're dancing
swept up in love
Jesus, King forever
you are King forever!
leaving sorrow and death behind
he's beaten them forever
he's beaten them forever