Before there was anything 
I loved you endlessly
There are no words to make way for this truth
This love for you inside of Me
And if I paint a sky with bronze 
Or blanket you with stars
It's not enough to prove to you
This love inside My heart 

What if I knit you together 
Inside your mother, with artistry?
Crafted in My very image 
Because I need you here with Me 

What if I gave everything
Just to have you close to Me?
What if My love was the only truth
Would you believe it could set you free? 

There isn't anything
That you could ever do
Not death or life, not depth or height
Can ever take My love from you 

There is no greater love than this
That a man should lay his life
Down for his friends
And though I already have
I'd do it all again 

Regenerative are My bones and My skin
My nerves are dismayed by intrusion
Yet if you are gone, for short or for long
It all aches with no sought restitution 

I would do anything for you
It's obvious and in plain view
Like the life that I've laid before you
Everything that I've done is for you 

So look for me with open eyes
Knock and I will open the door
I have loved you before there was time
And I will love you forever more