Dance with me baby, let me hear your voice 
Oh if I didn’t wanna fall for you I never had a choice 
Smear the makeup on my face 
run your fingers through my hair 
I can not keep my heart from you and I don’t even care 
Yeah, you turn me inside out 
You make me shake and I can’t stop 
You give new meaning to drop dead gorgeous 
And I’m about to drop 

You are a song to me 
And every note of every chord will set me free 
There’s no time before you came alone 
Three cheers for the end of twenty one years 
Nothing else is going wrong 

Reverberate and complicate my evenings and my days 
And I will only love you more 
I will count the ways 
Dance with me and when you see my pulse beneath my skin 
It’s racing now, I don’t know how to hold the burning in 
You’ve taken from me my defenses 
My will is under attack 
And baby when I wrap my arms around you 
I feel the bones in your back 

Oh yeah, your voice is like music 
It’s music to my ears 
I’m not dying anymore, I’m alive baby!