Desperately waiting for her to arrive
Longing for strength that I lack
Tears fill my eyes when I realise she's gone
I know that I can't bring her back.

She used to make it so easy to love her
She used to make me shine
So stay if you will and I'll show you
The way she loved me for a time.

Empty, I lie on the bed that we made
But now I can't get to sleep
She had a way of wearing my clothes
And made them look better than me.

She had a heart that could light up the ocean
She told me she was mine
So lend me an ear and I'll tell you
The way she loved me for a time.

Oh, I long to hold her
Oh, I want her here to see
Oh, how I ache for her next to me.

Desperate I wait for the day that I see her
Hold to her deep inside
The most perfect love that I wanted to be her
From thte moment she caught my eye.

I light a candle for her every evening
Pour me a glass of wine
I will will remember so clearly 
The way she loved me for a time
Yes I will remember so dealy
The way she loved me