Decorate time
In a broken land
A piece of me before your eyes
Seraphim fall

Black budget balls
Shimmy the hand
Let it bleed all over me
Seraphim fall

National blind
A violent remind
Of all the dead souls left behind
Seraphim fall
Shiver the wind
Lost in the sand
Tall cities fall around the damned
Seraphim fall

Stranger control
Stranger things be
Stained glass gowns for data gold
Seraphim fall

Voices cry across the land
Seraphim fall

Kingdoms come and Kingdoms go
On the back of a horsewhipped nation
Kiss the wound upon my brow
Tuning in the chocolate twins
Yelling at a frozen cow
Crack the whip and don't look down
Sweet irony the glimmer man
Patch up on a rainy day
It's all about the sweet life

Frustration, saturation, exasperation, alienation!
Words are lost on soulless eyes
Seraphim fall
Seraphim fall
Seraphim fall
Seraphim fall
Seraphim fall