Prelude to disorder
Loosing the sense of time
A fatal interruption in continuity
The guilt, a subtle addiction
An endless river that falls into nowhere
Hoping for better days to come
To replace the years of woe
A higher sense to fear
Turns us to someone we are not
The arms of destiny fondling me
Caressing but then choking
A cold touch of thousands hands around my neck
Waiting for my final breath
Misshaper illusion
Like a mirror that always fakes
The pain that time does not heal
The worst nightmare from which you’ll never wake
This is surely an omen of doom
We all try to comprehend
The deepest fears of life and death
But we always fail in this game
You believe in eternity
When tomorrow is uncertain
A false idol you follow
Welcome to cold reality
I don’t know reasons
All the questions unanswered
Only sorrow and despair remain
The bells toll, this ain’t worth a tear
The doors begin to close and we all disappear