Assemble all the nations for the final dream
To break the scattered people dancing here unseen.
To thee, complete destruction Israel is faced,
Annihilation within warning she is placed.

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behold apocalypse, behold the rage.

For all the atheistic leaders and crusades
Have come to plunge the world into this final stage.
This violent sanctuary leads to the insane.
A vile and genocidal lunatic shall reign.

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behole apocalypse, behold the rain.

And as birds flying, so will God defend her faith,
And passing over he will shelter her embrace.
"And I will curse them that will curse thee in this day,
And all that prey upon you, I will give for prey."

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behold apocalypse, behold it is done.

The Final Conflict has begun.