Randomdidit randomdidit
Ahahh it's just a mixtape

Unhh, these niggas so disrespectful singin I'm a fall off
Homie am special never do I call off
Built from the ground up no body gave me nothin
Am a self-made young and shitin on em grab your huggies

Put me up againts em man I swear I'm gonna smash em
Mash potatoe like get it yeah I'm a mash em
Trash em bash em da boys in da 90's
Niggas way behind me yeah I lah ehh

Cook me up a beat I swear to god I'm a beast it
And now am on my jim flow eatin all my weadest
And I can't be defeated you chef it up I eat it
I'm soundin like am angry well yeah I got my reasons

Under-rated since the age of 12 I been amazin
Labels signin youngenz am like drizzy thank me later
C-c-catch me in my morrow p-p-purin on em haters
Mad because I'm grindin and then am gettin to this paper

18 I bought a benz 20 damn I bought a house
Lost it all and got it back am stackin up my bank account
All the girls just luh me I pretty boy swag
U'd think that I was Dream the way I throw it in the bag

20 cape up on my wrist and yeah I be stuntin
I keep security on deck in case them haters comin
I never no days no off I keep my engine runnin
I keep goin in goin like the energizer bunny

I get back to the money the money is the motive
And money bring the girlies am a pyssies luh da ocean
My flow is smooth like lotion I know these haters hopin
That I fall drop the ball hell no am wide open

Star can't CEO passed it give and go
When I'm in da club dey be like eannie meannie minnie mo
Gimme mo' other roll ladies get it on da floor
After party in my crib or we can hit da condo

Put a view u and u yeah u u too
We can make a movie and we post it up on youtube
Now am just playin onless u gon do it
And girl what you sayin rewind it and review it

Back too this music shit don't mean to be rude
But would you please stop comparing me to all of these dudes
Am me am me in da class of my own
Pound for pound no for no yeah am aiming for the throne

Only 23 gettin better with time
Like moscato [?] yo tasty fine wine
Think am over out yo mind I got boss doin time
Hold yo own playboi why you worry bout mine

Florida boy 7 years raised in the 305
I got heart like a lion I can't win without trying
Take a look in my eyes is no suvives
Wikipedia me nigga if you think that am lying

Call me sammie sammie baby make da girlies wetin crazy
Middle finger to the haters screamin FU pay me
Am a star I shine on the cloudiest day
Catch me open for the 3 swish all da way [?]

If you doubt me go on and bring it I can rap it I can sing it
If I say it then I'm meanin am shit am stinkin
If you ain't on my team then what the hell you thinkin
What the hell you drinkin ma ship bank sink in

I'm on my intro flow you gotta feel me though
Been sayin a lotta shit b-b-but u don't hear me though
Don't luh me while am here then hate me when I'm gone
Am chuckin up da deuces like breezy am gone