Gone for Good, by Samantha Fish

I’m not the kind of company that you’re…you’re  accustomed to
You got such a coldness that I can’t break on through.
Did everything you wanted me to…to make you stay
Every reason, Lord, it’s just an excuse, you know, it was the perfect getaway.

You’ve gone, gone, gone
You’ve gone I know,  gotta roll on.
Gone baby so long
Thank God you’ve gone for good!
Oh well the days, they’re gonna blow on by
You’re  gonna think about me after some time
I swear to God I’m gonna show you how,  you lost your goddamned mind!
It didn’t matter, not one little bit
How could you leave me alone?
I tried to forget all your misery
My heart tied to a stone.

I swore I couldn’t live without you
Now I’m staring at the holes in my wall
Were the pictures hung and you’re back on the run
Like nothin’ ever happened at all
It was my slow slip, it was my loosing grip,
On my sweet once upon a time
I guess it was just a dream I had
When you were only mine.