I wanna hold you down, grab your hair
Just say another word if you dare
Stop the fuss and fighting
I wanna ask questions till your ear falls off
I decide when enough is enough
Oh look who's crying
I wanna give you hope, just for fun
Baby I love you, I swear I'm done
But of course I'm lying
I wanna watch you shiver and shake
I won't stop until you break
I'm the last man standing

This is for
This is for
This is for...
This is for everything you've said and done!
This is for
This is for
This is for everything you said and... (x2)

I wanna tie you up to a lamp post
Tell you the stories you hate the most
Again and again
I wanna get close to your heart
Look straight into your eyes when I rip it apart
Come sweet revenge
I wanna put a gun to your head
Bang bang, thank god you're dead
Hallelujah amen

This is for...