This girl in 23
Could've sworn she was looking at me
What's the sound coming out of her door?
Crazy moves I've never heard before
With a wiggle and a spring in her step
Wearing fancy clothes, you bet
Everybody just stops to stare
Well let 'em stare, she don't care

All the boys wanna know what's on her stereo
(I don't know)
They say her room is like a Japanese video
(Well, I don't know but what I do know is...)

Oh my she's so wonderful, wonderful
Oh my she's so magical, magical
Oh my she's so beautiful, beautiful

Wouldn't go with Brad Pitt if you paid her
She's more into James Spader
Doesn't notice all the troubles around her
Oh, yeah, I'm so glad that I've found her

All the girls think her car is over-familiar
(I don't know)
They say she's from a castle in Bulgaria
(Well, I don't know but what I do know is...)