Be sure to be quiet In the middle of the night When the dogs are asleep And the wind is high Grab our things wait By the window I?ll meet you by your window
And we?ll make no tracks in the snow We?ll follow the lakes to where the Cold north wind will Cover for us both So we can hide
And if we survive The cold and the night in the dead of winter We?ll watch the sun rise on the ice Together
And if we are to die Tonight In your arms I?ll lay And it never felt better And at least we?ll leave here together
La da da da La da da La da da La da da da da da da da La da da da Da da
In the still of the night My bare hands Your pale skin Reflected in the moonlight And we pray And we pray To the wind And your hands And my hands As soft as the sunlight When the day begins And as cold as the night blows in
And if we are to die tonight I pray with my heart That you?ll love me forever And at least we will leave here together