The legend tells of an old man
Who one day saw the devil very closely
He was riding a big hyena
But the devil was very large, strong and muscular
Arrived together from hell,
The devil riding the evil steed
Certainly did not have good intentions

The devil will take away
The body and the soul of the deceased
We will pray our divine spirits...

Hyenas and cannibal gurus feasted on bodies in life
People were looking for an escape, but there was no hope
The deceased had not been exhumed six feet under better fate

Wakhetane bou bene gorre gou magatte done wakhetane si diadiaram
Boba bene rabou alle migi nekone si wetame gorgi ware bene bouki boumak
Ba gnome niarre yeksendo si dire rabou alle bi done dieulle nitte you neup nga
Deglene gnouye dame yakhe you neup yi
Ngayye degue aye yaukhou you mette youye gene sibi soufsi

Zombie rotten meat and fresh meat for the last dinner
Damn soise of broken bones, torn flesh, moans and sreams
The devil will take away