Convicted and sentenced, but I am not this
I am a grim cutthroat a skilled and strong hunter
A kilometer away the smell of blood gives me strength

In stale air rises the acid smell of death
I kill and I devour, five minutes madness

My heart is big, pulsing in his ears, screaming in the heated brain
Sharp teeth tear chunks of flesh and skin, while the horns rise
Recite the victory trophy for another night battle
His head down, between the entrails of the animal still alive
The butcher is stained with blood, white slaver at the mouth

Scavenger, in the worst day of the year
Thief, I want to live, breathe my Africa, scream to the world

Convicted and sentenced
I am too attractred by a rotting carcass
From a forgotten fetus today I can steal
The blood excites me, brutalizes your dead body