I have seen him in the mirror
When i was killing him
But he didn´t keep my hand back
He didn´t want to or he couldn´t

Everytime he got something to say
That sound seemed to be so far
Or from the other side of the wall

Cover my face with guilty hand
And he just stayed with mouth wide open

You should see him, his view
I have never ever seen something so strange

With every motion in his face
He just wanted to give me a breakfast
He was so strange

When time is leaving all behind
I realize you with me away gone

Everytime when shall i perceive taste of your lips,
My mind´s falling apart decision lay on the table
Oh, cute your body is bothering me
Deep your eye makes me push up the ceiling

What we can tell
Each other, man to man
Nobody can understand
Is there anybody who can understand

Listen my lover
Let´s get underlover
We can to each be more
Then a brother