I want to warm my hands a little bit
Why don´t you take a look at my face
We never ride again 
How different can be every antoher embrace
What was got, what given knows every one
When traveller´s journey´s done.

Why am i always standing here
When i know it´s done.
Standing lonely on the hill
Know that all is done.
I got to move on, fading away still waiting
Till all being got to leave
Saint plays on the sky field but
Death is marching on till one is breathing

How my life have turned?
I left it all behind me
I searched for knowledge
I made love with eternity
I was so yearning
But it comes to me 

Don´t weep for life that could not be saved
Your soul is with us, we see your face in every flame.
I know these greeting got to get to you 
Without no warning you were gone
The day was changed into the night, rise into the fall.

I´m not misanthropical
But it always hurts
I know it never
Gonna be better.
It´s hard to find
What will turn me on.
But we´ll be brave
We will carry on.
I use my brain again

I´m looking for the way out
From the things that bother me
It´s been too long since i broke free
I´ve left you far behind
You know i´m not that kind of man
You treat me i´m never going back.

You can´t keep a good man down
Things are so much better now
Too many things i can´t understand
Nevermore i can
See your fucking face again
Morning shall tear us apart

Coulage taking shelter breaning
Can no longer ignore the truth
Bridges burning, in turmoil turning
Better stay away berore you get hurt

I´m free falling and there is nothing,
Expect of you, now mountains got to move
Till new day dawning
This got to make myself free, we´ll never taste
The fruit of vine, stay by me friend of mine
Till world keeps turning