This is a peaceful planet
We didn't start the wars
Our systems rich with planets
We mine for crystal we export
It fuels their battleships
We knew one day they'd come
Once all the weaker systems
Fell devastated from pollution
Battleships above
We are now monitored
They're planning an attack
This war is imminent
Imminent war
Battleships monitor us
Hovering above our cities
Blacking out our suns
Vega is devastated
Fallen under control
Ghorgon sent the robot army
Electro snakes electro snakes
Vega wasn't monitored
They were annihilated
Here they're using mind control
On those of us with information
They monitor us
The ships black out the suns
Battleships now in formation
The war is imminent
Imminent war battleships monitor us
Half of us frozen in fear
The others under mind control
Galactic war
Battleships have come for fuel
Imminent war
To them we are no use
Galactic war
Total annihilation
They'll kill us first then rape the planets of crystal
Then destroy us
Imminent war