We leapt to take the risk
Down a fallible abyss
In a circumstantial fit
But it won't amount to anything
Navigational warrior
Thru the scars that weave our skin
Cut to narcotic bliss
We didn't have to feel anything
Didn't have to mean anything
It won't account for anything

She goes so hard
I never knew
Oh my baby aren't we crazy?

I would be remiss
To be subordinate
Won't surrender anything
Collateral damage
With a fever diggin in my bones
To possess the goal
I didn't wanna hear anything
None of the words mean anything
Won't account for anything

She goes so hard
I never knew (shrugs)

We all been black and blue
Hearts beat, battered and bruised
We all want to give love
And to be loved
Intention misconstrued
A little bit confused
We all want to be loved
And to give love

The future we fear is the past we regret
The times that we forgive are the ones that we will never forget
We all blemished just a little bit
Lets never talk about nothing!

Worth we prop with our brains and our breath
The reflection in the mirror is the simplest one to protect
Ain't no room in my gut left for vanity
I just wanna feel your pulse!