I come to expiate Disgrace
Disgrace thrown upon me
Old Woman by her vision once confused me
Black Stone perished me also our nation

Therefore I ask, I beg, you, Grandiose Magus
Don't litigate me and my folk
For the blindness of knowledge
Because now we know and understand results
Of our acts that sentenced us to Perdition

We want dance and love again
With Universe live in harmony
Worship your Magic and create with it
Be our Father again - oh, Equirhodont

Memories are painful, we are no more
Call Powers, call Demons, time has come
Give us back forests, rocks, caves
Rivers and sky
We are prepared and advised

Kärgeräs will be your pride
Kärgeräs will be your glory
Kärgeräs will be your work
Well will be your Nation again

Forgive Equirhodont, please...