You are my Father Grandiose Magus,
you created my Mind,
I am the Master
of Storms,
I am the Master of the Dwarfs,
I am Good and Evil.

But today I am comming close to you,
like Son front his Father,
with Hope in heart and faith in Life,
both you can give and take too,
hear me Equirhodont.

Myriads of ages they are living in the Dark,
in gloom , without love and strifes,
without joy and pain,
without sense, dying of desire,
and only You know the solution.

Give back their Lives, you can,
Give back their Land, you can,
Give back their Heart, you can,
Give back the Nation ist place, you can,
Give back Kärgeräs among us.

I request you Father,
Grandiose Magus,
I, Lykorian,
a Son of Yours.