Flashes of dismayful visions
Surrounds my Spiral of Life
Rush Gorlos, I call you
Rush Töörlams, I call you
Rush Stärds, I call you
Zodacare Demons of night Creatures
Your Master calls and ranges

I am awaken from my dreams
I want to do my neverending Work
Surround me by your Spells
Send your energy, destroy everything
What stands in my way

Ancient Songs sing for me
Dances of Death dance for me
You will be me, and I will be you
Karryarrla, Karryarrla Wrome
Derryogly, Derryogly Wrome

Black Seal is broken
I come from the Temple in the Underworld
I send my messengers
To the Nation of Kärgeräs
So play your Hell Symphony
Turn the pages in the Book
And hear my vision about Revelation

Moment of Fright, Moment of Fright
Aghast are Creatures of all Ages
I rise my Scepter of Demons
Gaze you farcical and void worms
I am here again, and Immortal