I will never bow before rulers
Per contra
I will take bows of rulers and kings
I will never disdain to sycophancy
Per contra
Sycophants I will disclaim
Nobody will rise above me
Because nobody is over me
I am the Noontide itself
Because I am

Abandoned and alone I remained in the darks
Why destroy Kärgeräs I was bound?
Well I loved and created them
I loved and destroyed them

And now they call me, they return
They return from the neverending times of Death
Give us our Lives back, give
You, Grandiose Magus Equirhodont

I wrecked Worlds and whole Universes
And now I am alone with memories
Well come, I will hear you
Write your request

I call you Rulbrah, Lily essential
I call you Rodaxx, protector of Kärgeräs
I call you Lykorian, ruler of Storms
I call you Raon, brother from other Worlds
I call you Durron, follower of mine