I've Been Away

Well I've been all around the world
He thought to himself one morning
What have I to show for it,
Where have I been?
He had a house on a quiet street
Children at play
Now it hits him where he lives
I've been away
I've been away
My darlings
I've been away
He walks the streets of his home town
He couldn't find a soul around
He stepped into a tavern
Where his old bar had been
When a man inquired if he knew the score of the game
I couldn't help you there, my friend
I've been away
I've been away
I'm sorry
I've been away
There's a crescent moon upon the hill
All around is quiet and still
He walks along the service road
As if in a dream
When a voice from somewhere cries
Is everything ok?
Can I walk beside you now?
I've been away
I've been away,
My brother
I've been away