Meet me at The Breakfast Club,
It's on Skalitzer Strasse
(eins, zwei, drei!)
You take coffee and with it water
Let's bike over to Pauline's place,
It's in Goerlitzer Park
(eins, zwei, drei!)
I'll ride ahead with you posing after
(wo kommen sie?)
I live in Berlin, I'm a European,
Three Euros in for a swim on the spree,
It's off Puschkin Allee
(eins, zwei, drei!)
S'cool to relax in the September summer
(wo kommen sie?)
I found a bar where you can paint eggs,
It's in Prenzlauer Berg
I drew a smoking and you sketched words.
(eins, zwei, drei! - wo kommen sie?)
I live in Berlin, I'm an European