Hey everybody, we got the power
To make the roof come down
The house is on fire, we can take it higher
Let's turn it inside out

Nothing could be sweeter when the music hits ya
Let it play play play
The temperature's rising, oh perfect timing
Let's get it on
Let's get it on

Here comes the music train
Going high up, up in the brain
Party people live til' we die
Put your hands to the sky

Put your hands up up up up c'mon c'mon yeah yeah

Yes we're raving
There's no stoppin'
Til the sun shines through
Yeah we're trail blazin'
This is the real thing
Started something new

When all my teachin'
No ones trippin'
This is the party crew

Now If you're ready
Say you're ready
Raise the roof yeah yeah

Here comes the music train
Just rollin' high and keepin' insane
Party people live 'til we die
Put your hands to the sky