Good evening ladies and gentlemen
My name is Richard Cheese, thank you
You know I have been dreaming of a little town out in Nevada way
And even when I can't be there I still think about it every day

Everyday my brain goes on a trip
All roads lead me to the strip
You say potato, I say chips
I've got Vegas, on my mind

I only buy cherries in a set of three
A baby diaper means craps to me
Adele's 21 album is Brackjack, see
I've got Vegas, on my mind

I watch Full House
I shop at Ace Hardware
And every 7-11 is nice
When I see ???
My immediate thought is dice

A plastic fork dispencer is a slot machine
My salads are Caeser's, I wear lucky jeans

And that's where you'll find a hard 17
I've got Vegas, on my mind
When I see a hub cap I think roulette
The elevator buttons are a ???
And there's a royal flush in my toilette
I've got Vegas, on my mind

My chest x-ray shows prime ribs
I've got a flamingo in my yard
My fireplace has a poker
And when I can't fall asleep I count cards

I'll buy a cosy casino just for me and you
I can't wait to see that deluxe strip view
Tonight my credit score is 7 0 2
I've got Vegas, on my mind

I've got an itch, to get rich
I've got Vegas, on my mind