On the side of a bus or the back of a train
You're driving down the street and you see me again
You see my piece and it's not my gun
The cops see it too but I don't run

I gotta big black book
So c'mon and take a look
I know a nice spot and I call it mine
I'm gonna get to heaven without even dyin'
I got a mind, it's on the wall

Big block letters, ten feet tall
Clandestine, late at night
You won't see nothing, 'til the morning light

Then you'll Know My Name, c'mon on say my name
Yeah you'll Know My Name, say my name

Behind the counter and locked away
The tools of the trade but i'll find a away
A big dripper, a can of paint
Gonna show the fools just what I ain't

Control my body but never my mind
I'll change your view without even tryin'