I've been doing me 
Making the haters mad 
Pop tags everyday 
I am gonna show my ass 
photogenic swag 
Get automatic cash 
Big wheel on the front 
200 on a dash 
We're running the streets 
Tell the niggers hang it up 
diamonds on my neck 
You see my niggers tatted up 
Meet me in the club 
Never catch me at the bar 
Call a waitress 
Tell her bring me the bar 
Couple years OG gave me the word 
Stop screwing birds start moving birds 
So I put it down 
I am the hottest in the hood 
If you are looking for me 
It aint hard 
I am in the hood 

I am the realest 
I am the realest 
If you are looking for that ... 
all these hoes up in here know im the realest 
I am the realest 
I am the realest 

You can meet me at the top 
And every weekend spend 
.. make my cd about to drop 
Put your TV must have seen me on a block 
I got south Jamaica shit with me 
..put the strippers in the trunk 
.. don't tell them what I spend 
..the clock is ticking 
I am on my way 
.. kusch you can smell it when I pass 

.. ain't nobody winning 
Somebody is losing like a mother fucker 
.. smoking on .. sack the smell on my face 
Heard your boys didn't make it 
You should never tried out 
Getting money over here