It sure didn't take too long
Woke up in the mornin', she's gone
Well, the note that she wrote didn't say 'Dear John'
Just 'Goodbye sucker I'm gone'

Was a homegrown mountain girl
Raised in a different world
And I was a wanna be rocker
She was more into Merle
Couldn't see it just wouldn't work

And now I'm double fisting long necks
Grapefruit and Stoli
But I'm never gettin' over Joely, yeah

Yeah, and I poured myself in my car
I drove it on down to the bar
But they wouldn't let me in 'cause I ain't a movie star
Went to the Horse Shoe on Lamar

The bouncers threw me out there too
And I didn't know what to do
So I picked up the phone and I called Peg Sue
Call block wouldn't let me through

Now I'm wishing for some drugs
Or a shrink to console me
But I'm never getting over Joely, yeah

Well, I gathered up all of my guns
And a pipe bomb just for fun
Drove to her house and parked there on the lawn
That's right, I always was a crazy one

Yeah, the boyfriend was sure nice to me
Calm down "Would you like a drink"
And I shot him full of holes from his nose to his knees
Polished off her little sweet pea

Now I'm cryin' on me knees
Feelin' dirty and unholy
But I'm never gettin' over Joely

Yeah, I'll probably get life
And serve at least forty
Never gettin' over Joely, hey